Dial was started in 1991 by Jacqui Ham from New York no wave trio Ut and Rob Smith.

Dial’s first line-up included Lou Ciccotelli on drums and Dominic Weeks from Furious Pig. When Lou left, Dial continued, using an Alesis HR-16 drum machine, programmed by Smith. 

Throughout the 1990s, Dial rehearsed in Wapping, East London, recording rehearsals on an Akai CS-F11 cassette recorder. Dial compiled these live rehearsal recordings into albums,  releasing their first CD ‘infraction’ in 1996, followed by Distance Runner (2000), 168k (2007), Western Front (released through Ektro records 2012). Their 5th album, Noise Opera (2016) was recorded over two tracks live straight to digital, released as download only on Bandcamp and, in 2018, a vinyl edition of 250 copies on Feeding Tube records.


“a stuttering beast of guitar driven post-No Wave frenzy...rock music at its finest”
Bruce Russel Opproprium magazine

“an archaeological unit rather than simply a band”
Your Flesh

“beautifully executed primitive rock music”
Wire magazine 

Distance Runner

"awesome psychedelic skulldrill noise rock damage"
Crucial Blast


Best Albums of the year
Noiseweek, City Music, Alien Talk, Brian Turner Best, Wire Magazine

“168k’s songs have an immensity of scale and space; they’re constructed with precision and move with monumental, glacial force.“
Warped Reality

"the new force in guitar primitivism...Dial have delivered their masterpiece."
Picadilly Records

"c'est réellement l'effervescence sonique qui se dégage du disque dans son entier qui fascine."
Noisemag Olivier Drago

Noise Opera

Best Albums of 2016
Magnet Magazine